Barber Honey Rivera

What is BBC Effinergie®?

The BBC label-effinergie ® is aimed at identifying new buildings or parts of new buildings with very low energy requirements will help achieve the 2050 targets: reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 4.

It is defined by the ministerial decree of May 3, 2007. The latter takes the values ​​defined by the repository of the association EFFINERGIE ®, ie a maximum consumption target for new residential constructions kWhep set at 50 / m² / year.

The recognition level EFFINERGIE ® was formalized by the signing on 19 June 2007, partnership agreements between EFFINERGIE ® and certifiers accredited by the State to issue the endorsement-BBC Effinergie. New buildings can be labeled BBC Effinergie ®, through a process of certification and from a calculation based on the method of the RT 2005.

The thermal regulation RT 2005 sets targets for air permeability of the building envelope and allows reference to value a quality of the air tightness. The BBC label-EFFINERGIE ® goes further in its demands and requires a measurement of air permeability of the building upon receipt of the site.